One of the dangers of photography….

All I have to say is…..
They didn’t teach me this in any of my online photography classes.
Here is what I have learned this week:
If you photograph a cute kitten, 
especially a kitten at the Rossfeld’s that really needs a home,
and loves to cuddle and purr and be held…
once you have that image on your 
computer screen it’s like that little face keeps looking at you.  
Makes eye contact with you.
Wraps it’s little paws around your heart and says,
“Can I please come home with you?
Pretty please?
Yeller will get over it, you’ll see.
Guess who lives at our house now?
The name will either be Moo or Rossfeld. 

7 Replies to “One of the dangers of photography….”

  1. awww how cute is that face. so glad your adding to your family. both names sound good to me. enjoy your weekend!! feels like fall this week doesn't it, even wearing my warm pj's and slippers already.

  2. Oh my goodness…that face. I think I'm in love too. I'm so very happy that kitty gets to be yours–lucky one.

    Sending love to you today, Deb,


  3. I found you over at Carola's blog.
    I understand the feeling. Congrats on the new kitty.
    I took a bit of time and browsed through your blog and will come back to visit again. Love your photographs.

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