Dents and Imperfections

This old row boat fascinated me.
The dents, the old piece of wood holding the back together, 
the many different colors and scratches of paint on the side.
And the foot prints in the sand from someone who pulled it 
up onto the sand. 
 This crop of the same photo shows the footprint up close.
 The other side of the boat lets you see the wood 
that seems to be holding it together in the back. I wonder why 
it is there, what happened and how long ago?
 This close crop of that other side shows details up close.
I love how the sand is clinging to the side. That is a detail I 
did not see in the initial image or when taking the photo.
It’s the dents and imperfections of this old boat that make it beautiful to me. 
We don’t have dents like these, but we all have imperfections, things about ourselves that we would just as soon the world did not know about. But isn’t all of that part of who we are? Don’t the stories behind those bumps in life make us better individuals?  
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6 Replies to “Dents and Imperfections”

  1. So true Deb! It's amazing how so many of us love photographing these imperfections we find around us, but we can't accept the imperfections in ourselves. Thank you so much for linking in with this series to Exploring with a Camera. Beautiful examples!

  2. Great example of 'elimination' and such a cool subject. I usually like the most closeup version but in this case I like the crop showing a little sand. Fabulous!

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