Fun at the Fair

It has been years since I rode one of these!
Mark and I spent the evening at the Allen County Fair on Friday of last week, 
the first evening that the fair was open. It was the perfect evening, warm,
an occasional light breeze, crowds of people, food smells everywhere, 
and so many more sights and sounds.
I purposely set the camera so the lights on this “Thriller” ride would blur.
It already looks like a flying saucer, but now it looks ready for lift off.
Notice the boredom on the face of the attendant on the far left. 
I guess if you’ve seen one flying saucer, you’ve seen them all….
This image is a bit ‘busy’, but isn’t that what the fair is all about? 
Busy, colorful, noisy, prizes everywhere to be won.
I wonder what the man on the left is saying to the crowd?
And did the person throwing the darts actually win something for his gal?
Or for himself?
 We actually rode the ferris wheel, and here is a view of the seats up in front of us.
Can you describe the feeling in your gut when that big circle starts to move?
 Fishing. Prizes for everyone…right?
Someone has to work those booths.
For some reason I find this one kind of sad.
This last one is a favorite of mine. The people, the ride in the background, the game tent with the implied promise of a PRIZE EVERY TIME!
This is also all about night time photography, inspired by 
I’m linking to Kat’s post there on her blog, so be sure to stop there and 
see the other great examples of night photography, as well as her
great instructions.

10 Replies to “Fun at the Fair”

  1. I love all of your images Deb! These are fantastic, great shots of light and night. Fairs are so much fun to photograph – so much to capture with all of the lights and action. Thanks so much for linking in!

  2. I felt like I was at the fair with you…your narrative and images helped me tap into my childhood memories. The image of the flying saucers is terrific! And the ferris wheel seats have a special old fashioned look to them — fun shot. Thanks for taking me to the fair!

  3. These pictures are amazing and I love reading your descriptions of them. This is one place that is full of action and lights, way to go on capturing it all. The last one is my favorite too but the fishing game reminds me of my kids who love this game.
    p.s. I don't like heights so I've never been on any rides that are too high, but it is cool to watch them. Thanks for sharing.

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