Summer Days

Mark and I just spent a wonderful two days with dear friends, 
relaxing, talking, eating great food, walking, and taking in 
sights like this one.  Perfect blue sky, just the right temperature,
a fabulous warm summer day… (*sigh*). 
We were on Lake Erie at this location.
 These umbrellas were around a children’s swimming area.
Today was tough, getting back to work at the office,
hearing all the noise around us.
Makes me long for the sound of the waves hitting the rocks.
I wonder why that sound is so relaxing?
Looking forward to the weekend….
Thanks for stopping by!

2 Replies to “Summer Days”

  1. This picture is so cool, love the tops of the umbrellas and the color against the sky. How wonderful to relax here and enjoy yourselves with friends. Thanks for the link to this place, I've never heard of it. It's always hard for my hubby to go back to work after a few days off too, he gets sad and misses us. Hope your having a good weekend.

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