Seein’ stars

I think we need some silliness today, don’t you?
This qualifies.
If you give a photo prompt to a silly person like me,
such as “look for stars everywhere”…this is what can happen.
I was being domestic. Actually considering cooking. Cutting celery.
And there it was, a star shape in my veggies.
And then another silly person/photographer noticed that there is also a rose in this.
Stars and Roses.
Who knew?
All kidding aside, it is good to find the beauty in the mundane.
Days like these we need those reminders, 
no matter what form they present themselves in. 
Blessings to you this day!

3 Replies to “Seein’ stars”

  1. I totally agree, Deb.What a fun image — nature does use the star in many of her creations. Thanks for the smile this morning.

  2. This is so funny! My husband LOVES the ends of the celery when we buy a new bunch. When I go to use it, I cut off about this same amount, wash it for him, and leave it on the sink – he munches on it all evening! Until he came along – I always threw this little "star" away!

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