Learning my photograhpic style

After spending some time with the photos in my inspiration file
I have come a bit closer to understanding my own photographic style.
Each image in the collage here demonstrates in some way
what I have learned. 
First: I found that I tend to capture cool tones (greens, blues, purples) in most of my shots.
But I also take a lot of monochromatic toned images.  (The bottom right photo has been 
converted to black and white since it was mostly greens and dark shadows. And the building
in the upper right is very monochromatic in color.)
Second: I seem drawn to images with texture. The images on the left of the tulips and 
the strawberries demonstrate this very well. Nice to have some warm colors, too!
Third: I like to include line or some sense of direction in my images. The lower middle
image is my best example of that, but it’s also in the other images.
(The original strawberry photo allows you to see the line of 
buckets of berries in the background.) 
(buckets of berries in the background)
(buckets of berries in the background)…..oops! I digress….
Fourth: Many of my favorite images include form, and it’s usually natural 
rather than man made.
 And while this image is not part of the collage it still is part of my
discovery.  I love creating images that tell a story. Now, this one is not focused
very well…but it is one of my absolute favorites.  If you could see Grandpa Mark’s face
you’d see the same love and joy in his eyes that is coming from Garrett’s.
I’m certain there is more to learn about style, but this has been very interesting!
Thanks for stopping by.

8 Replies to “Learning my photograhpic style”

  1. I also see lots of detail, the minutia that make up "life." The berry, the flower petal, the shadow of a tree, the leaves of life, the look of love…
    You are amazing!

  2. A very lovely collage! I've noticed the theme of nature in many of your posts, your focus on details, and appreciation of beauty and form. Such a sweet image of the grandpa with baby!

  3. I love what you pulled out here! You have really been able to define things so clearly. Great photo examples to support your descriptions – love the collage idea to pull them all together. So great to get to know your eye along with you.

  4. What a helpful list! Now I have 5 more things to look for and decide if they fit my "style" or not. I do love all of these shots, so maybe 🙂

  5. Beautiful photographs and your observations are really interesting – some things here that I hadn't considered. I think your lines give your images a lovely balance and I love the detail.

  6. I love the details of these photos! The crispness and composition are a pleasure to the eye. Don't ever give up the photography-you are a natural!

    By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog. It made my morning! 🙂

  7. Love how you made a collage of some of your favorites. You chose great photos to illustrate your style!! Hasn't this been fun? Just knowing more about style will be so helpful to us as we continue the journey!!

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