And Another Postcard….

This postcard came yesterday from Wanda, who lives in Prince George, British Columbia. She writes on the back that her art is photography. “I like to wait in my garden for an interesting insect to visit – this time a bee.”  
I love this close up of such an unusual flower and the bee. Isn’t it lovely?
No matter what the technology allows us to do these days (email, text messaging, online chats, etc.) nothing beats receiving a note from someone in the mail. Would you agree?

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  1. Oh my goodness, this picture is so amazing. Love the colors from the flower and what a close up of the bee,eeek !! I love love getting the mail and so do my kids. Some days it's a fight over who gets it and we love getting things in the mail. Some days I send letters/artwork to my nieces down the street just so they can get mail from me. What a cool postcard to add to your collection.

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