Why Do I Take Photos?

Because once upon a time my Grandfather showed me how it’s done, how to hold that camera, look at the subject, squeeze the shutter, and then keep doing it until the photos get better.  I am so grateful for this.

Because I really like to. 

But there is more. I take photos….

To capture those moments of joy and wonder on the faces of those I love, the precious smiles of babies, the laughter and giggles of the child in all of us. My Dad was able to hold his great-grandchild for the first time last weekend, and this precious baby fell asleep on his lap. I was able to capture that moment, and the look of utter joy on my Dad’s face.  

I really like to capture Life as it happens…spontaneous, unrehearsed, and real.

I take photos…
To be a witness to the power of nature. To record the ever evolving world of beauty all around me, starting in my own home, my own back yard.  And then to share what I have learned in that moment, whatever lessons have come.

Why do I take photos? Because that petal of that flower, the vein in that leaf reminds me that there is something bigger than us out there caring for us all.

What motivates me as a photographer? 
My own internal motivation is inspired by the Light, how it pours over everything, or creates shadows, or how it reflects.  Nature brings me new insights through my lens every time I find myself outdoors with my camera.  That makes me want to just keep on taking more photos.

External motivations for me have recently come from the online community, through the courses with Big Picture Classes, through my limited participation in a Flickr Group, through the blogging world, and from supportive comments from friends and fellow bloggers. I see examples of other women photographers that leave me in awe, and then I start to think how I can do that, too.

This post is created as part of my lesson in Kat Sloma’s “Find Your Eye Course”

6 Replies to “Why Do I Take Photos?”

  1. Wonderful shot of your dad and the baby! A photo to treasure! I love the shadow in the tree shot!

    "New insights through my lens" wonderfully put!

  2. I love how you are finding multiple reasons that you love photography. You can't tell that this exercise was hard for you, in the end. I love that your external inspiration leads to internal action – that you can do it too. Lovely! So glad you shared this for the class.

  3. Hi Deb
    I would have to say that I am one of your #1 fans. Every photo you have shared is full of depth, within the photo itself and within your heart. Thank you very much for sharing! The photo of your Dad holding the baby made my heart melt.

  4. How wonderful that your picture taking started so young and has carried you thru to now. Your love for life, family, nature whether old or new show in your photos. They make me happy and in awe just seeing how you work your magic. The words you include are always just what I would want to say or am feeling. Thank you so much for sharing this part of you with us.

    p.s. these are beautiful pictures and they remind me of my dad holding each of my kids and didn't like to quit holding them.
    The tree as always is my favorite part of nature next to sunsets and clouds.

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