This Is My Tribe

This photo sums up everything about the weekend that just ended. Look at the smiles and the feathers and the Little Chief in the center of our lives. This is my tribe, our tribe, and it includes my niece (on left), my grandson (front and center) and my daughter (right). Grandma sits in the back…smiling to burst at the seams and fighting back tears because the whole event is about to come to a close. 
The Little Chief and his Princesses arrived on Friday evening. We all went to see the Little Chief’s great-grandparents (who had not yet met Little Chief in person) on Saturday and returned Sunday.
Smiles brought to you by fun, laughter, love, family gathering, baby hugging and kissing, the alphabet game in the car, and the prospects of another Tribe Adventure in the coming year. Tribe headdresses artistically created by Leanna (also known as the niece).  

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  1. I love this picture and that she made one for all of you even her little doll. They came out great. How fun to have a weekend filled with all this happiness. Hooray for meeting great-grandparents too.

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