Another Special Day

Our daughter Erin with Garrett and Nathan
Sending special love and happy thoughts to 
this beautiful young woman who happens to be
having a birthday tomorrow, July 20th.  
Visit her blog here.

2 Replies to “Another Special Day”

  1. Deborah how awesome of a picture and Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Guess what my friend we have something else in common???? My daughter Summer turns 13 tomorrow!! So neat to share this day together for our girls. I know mine is excited about hers, how old will Erin be?? Such an adorable little boy there. We are going to Waldameer Park tomorrow in PA not just because it's her birthday but it's the only day we have free right now, lol. It will be our first time there and it will be HOT as you know.
    Sending you lots of birthday wishes and hugs on your special day.

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