Summertime …in blue and yellow

I’ve mailed out several post cards this week, so I hope you’ll be receiving them soon! My work schedule this week was different, therefore my routine changed, and today I’m really taking it easy. I hope that you are also having an easy day, that you can just sit back and enjoy the summer.
Today is just one of those days when I want to share colors, especially blue and yellow, that have found their way into my lens this week.
My yoga mat in a lovely spiral…(for a class I will begin next week – so looking forward to this).
 The blueish green glass of these old Ball jars that I have had forever… I love this color.
 And once again, day lilies reaching for the sun, against the blue sky. This always touches my heart. Always. 
 I did say yellow – which could also be translated as Yeller – who somehow finds my lens.
 Lemonade made from scratch today, so yummy and refreshing, and I’m sipping away on it as I write this.
How are you spending your day?

6 Replies to “Summertime …in blue and yellow”

  1. Spent the morning working in the garden, now it's time for lunch on the deck….it's a beautiful day! I love your yellow and blue grouping — the flower is especially lovely!

  2. These are lovely photos – oh, that Yeller is gorgeous!! Reminds me of "my" Ginger… The lemons are yummy, I love to squeeze them in a glass of water, so refreshing.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  3. Hi Deborah,
    I got your postcard yesterday and was so happy to see it. That was fast service, so thank you. The card was perfect for me and will match my kitchen.

    I spent most of Saturday at a local hotel having my daughter's bday party there and just got back. So today I am hoping to make more zucchini bread and relaxing. The blue/yellow looks wonderful together. Would love to sit down with a fresh lemonade. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Dear Deb,

    Thank you for filling my afternoon with sweetness & color…I adore these photos. Your Yeller reminds me a lot of my Stripes–adorable.

    I've been busy, busy, busy–going like crazy lately…today is my day to breathe. I'm so glad I came here-I've been missing you, dear friend.

    Sending you love on this Monday,


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