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My husband has been scanning old family photos for several days now, and this happens to be a favorite of mine.  His Grandmother is the young woman standing at the door of the Klatt Grocery, somewhere in St. Louis, MO.  I love the team of horses and the driver of whatever kind of wagon the horses were pulling… and it makes me wonder if the photographer placed his/her camera at that point on purpose. Or were the horses coming along and creating a pleasant surprise in this image?  Most likely it was set up intentionally, but I love the daily life in this; the cans stacked in the store window, the Uncle Fred in the long white apron, the blinders and harness on the horses. Obviously someone wrote by hand on the image. We have added our own text for future reference. 

Going through the photos with him has been a great lesson in his family history. And an even more valuable lesson in what kind of photos we take and preserve.  There are sooooo many photos of the same poses I’m sure we all have in our stash of family photos: holiday group shots, new baby photos, photos of graduates, of newlyweds, of people that the parents knew long ago and now no one has a clue.   You get the picture…sorry for the pun.

Then there is this series of photos of that same Grandmother…and I LOVE them! Just look at the happiness on that face! What a beautiful image to leave behind for family to enjoy and appreciate years later.  All of this really makes me think about what I’m going to leave behind someday…not only the photos, but the legacy, the stories. How do we want to be remembered?

What’s in your stash of photos?

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  1. Deb,
    I LOVE these photos of Mark's grandma! She looks like a charming woman! Such glee and mischief in that smile…
    (Also LOVED the baby pics! Workin' on the flower…will have something to send soon.)

  2. I love these photos, it's always fun to look at the real old b/w photos. How fun to see her posing this way and having fun getting her photo taking, just beautiful. The first one reminds me of something I'd see on Little House On the Prairie when they would go into town. I love that show. Wish my family had more of these kinds of photos, it's hard to find them and they weren't always marked/dated.

  3. I find these old photos so fascinating! What really surprises me about the grandmother series (she is charming)is how natural she looks — rather unusual for the typical photo style of those days,no? The problem with our generation is that we're leaving behind 1000s of images — who will have the time to look at all of them?

  4. Gina, maybe her natural look is why I love this series of photos so much. I can sense how happy she is. And you're so right, not many people smiled and posed like this at that time.

    Dawn, I think the lesson for all of us is LABEL your photos! I think it is so sad to find old images in garage sales and antique shops with no names.

    Bonnie, maybe we recognize the glee and mischief because when we were her age….oh, well, I digress…. 🙂

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