Excavating the Things You Love

This week in Picture Inspiration
the task is to excavate the things we love by looking at our images over the past several weeks.  Try to discover what it is we enjoy as we review what we have captured with our lens.
I had to sit and really think about this a while, and finally settled on this photo here.

Actually this daisy photo kept coming into mind over and over again. Why do I like it?, I asked myself.  It is certainly not a typical flower photo. It’s taken from a different angle, the flower reaching for the sun, and that light of the sun visible through the opaque petals. Perfect in it’s imperfection, simple, and beautiful.  What is the lesson in that?, I asked myself.

There does not have to be a lesson, but there is an experience – and I love those experiences that leave my heart and soul renewed. Don’t you?

One of the people I work with took a photo of a flower in her own yard the other day, using her smart phone, shooting up close, and at night. She shared that image with me (on her phone) and it is stunning. It shows the interior of a blossom and all the petals coming together. I love that she shared that image with me so that I could see the colors, the light, and share a little bit of her world. In that brief moment of sharing I was reminded of what is important.

Sharing images like this makes us pause and notice.

And for me personally there is a lesson in that. Step away from the computer, go for a walk and just listen to the world around me. Take in the smells, the sounds, the sights, touch the leaves, feel the earth beneath my feet. Then journal about it, create it in an art form, paint it, do something that celebrates that beauty.

What is important is the process, not what others say about it, just what that creating does to you. Excavating those things we love….  What would you find in your digging?

3 Replies to “Excavating the Things You Love”

  1. You write so expressively — I like the idea of excavating and examining what we love. I know I take more photos of flowers than anything else. I love the variety of color, shape, design — each beautiful in its own way! The daisy photo is wonderful!

  2. I do like the idea of capturing moments either with a fancy camera or a phone camera … as long as the moment gets captured! I agree, we need to step away from the computers and explore!

  3. I like this line you wrote about "sharing images like this makes us pause and notice" you are so right about that. This is what I had to learn this year with my 100's of photos I take each week. Just having that pile of freshly new photos in my hand makes me so happy and looking at each one with pause. This helps me remember why I took the photo and what the story is going to be. Sometimes a photo ends up with a different story then was planned too and this also makes me happy. There have been some photos that I take and print and scrap all on the same day because I just loved it so much and had to have the story down.
    I love how you make me think and see things after reading your blog. You always remind me to pause and notice the beauty around me, thank you. Now if only I could get off the computer more and create some real art. Have a happy Sunday.

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