Jagged lump of clay


On my knees, digging in the soil,
removing unsightly weeds,
a shard of a clay pot
Just a portion of what was once
perfect and complete, now discarded,
mud and debris clinging to it. 
I leave it there, in the soil 
among the flowers.
In my dream
I learn that my Self is made of many different
facets, all combined in 
one place, deep within. 
In the center is that broken shard of clay,
washed and made clean, 
still broken, yet whole, and 
surrounded by other objects,
many and varied.   But all part of one.
And my task is to open my heart
to love 
every shape 
and shadow,
every jewel 
and jagged lump of clay.
My heart sees 
that all of this 
is who I am.

– Deborah L. Tisch – June 21, 2011 – 

8 Replies to “Jagged lump of clay”

  1. I love your words and the way you always find share something that makes me think more and find out more about myself. This is beautiful, thank you.

  2. Oh, Deb. Oh goodness me. This is simply gorgeous–it got right in my heart and it will stay there.

    Thank you for this love-filled blessing today.

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