Moods in Photographs

Big Picture Classes The challenge in Picture Inspiration this week has been to capture a mood in a photograph.  I have several to share here that might fit that idea.  Moods are many and varied, shifting and changing with the wind at times.  Most of these here have been taken in the last few days, but some are from earlier this year. See the comments below each one for more.

 Fog on a spring morning created a dreary mood.
 Waiting for this train to pass my mood became impatient.

When you see the world through rain soaked windows it can be depressing.

 Viewing this mural in Kenton, Ohio, about cap guns created a nostalgic mood for me. I can smell the sulfur of the caps in those cap guns.

  Seeing these graves in a cemetery for veterans of the War of 1812 created a somber mood.
 It was incredibly peaceful at this river. I hope somehow I was able to capture that peaceful mood in this image.
Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Monday!

4 Replies to “Moods in Photographs”

  1. Each one of these photos really evokes a mood, Deb. I'd like to sit by that river right now–maybe until I fall into a deep, peaceful slumber.

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos today.

  2. You were right on each photo and the mood it brings us. I had to laugh about the train one, noone else I know is impatient for them like me. The last one is very peaceful and beautiful. I found a spot like this in Miami and plan on doing a post about it. Thanks so much for your visits and sweet comments.

    I found out about a cool photograph blog and thought of you right away. It reminds me of the b/w ones of your parents. Here is the link
    Let me know if it's new for you and if you like it. I read the first two pages and love love it. Happy Monday to you.

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