Celebrating My Parents (Part 2)

Continuing the celebration of our parents and their love for each other,
I have created a couple of collages
using Picasa.  Here is a photo of 
the cake topper from their wedding
in 1952, a black and white photo 
mounted on hardboard.  
Mom and Dad sit together most 
of their time in a double recliner,
sometimes holding hands…

I have scanned some old negatives and put together images here of Mom and Dad.  In the center is Mom, pregnant. and In the middle at the top is Dad holding my older sister.  I wonder if that might have been his first Father’s Day?

In these images of them as young adults I see the faces of my siblings, myself, my own children, and nieces and nephews.   

As I write this, Dad is in the hospital and even my dear father-in-law is in the hospital.  Strange that both should be ill at the same time. I’m happy to report that both are improving.  

Life is so very precious.  Celebrate it with someone you love, and tell them what they mean to you.


3 Replies to “Celebrating My Parents (Part 2)”

  1. You are making me tear up again just seeing these. I have some old photos too and need to tell some past stories after seeing yours. I love the b/w look of these and how they have a double recliner and hold hands. What a great love story to pass on to you and your siblings. Sorry to hear about your dad and father-in-law, sending prayers and get well wishes. Thank you so much for sharing these, they really are beautiful.

  2. Dawn, I am touched by your comment! I have really enjoyed seeing your family photos on your blog, too, as they show me a bit about your life. We are all deep down the same, we wish for and are moved by the same stuff. I'm glad we can share this journey together.

    Bless you!

  3. Deb – I LOVED your expose of your parents!!! I remember them both so fondly. I remember your dad repairing my bike once not long after we moved to our home there "in the country." I can still play the piano a little – thanks to your mom's enduring patience with me! And another memory that really stands out is that when I got to stay over for dinner, your mom made the best tossed salad in the world!!! Isn't it funny the things that stand out in our memories?
    Do you remember when my dad was out of town and my grandpa was in the hospital and my mom got a skunk cornered in the tool shed? Your dad came to the rescue and though the skunk never troubled us again, he had to bury his clothes!!! We've had many a laugh over that one!
    My love to your parents – they ARE special…

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