Celebrating Dad – and Mom

This frisky looking couple is my parents,
Nat and Marilyn, circa 1972.
And, yes, that frisky look in their eyes
is probably why all four of us kids are
here today.
Need I say more?
I spent literally hours watching Dad
do this. Paint signs for people.
It was a hobby that helped him 
earn extra money. 
I thought it was magic the way
he could make those letters form 
with the simple stroke of a brush.
How I began taking pictures….
Grandpa (on the right) gave me
a Kodak Instamatic 100 and said,
“Here, take our picture.”
Dad and Grandpa, at our back door
before my brother was born in 1964.
Dad and Grandpa had a business 
together.  They worked together
as well as it appears in this image.
Like father and son.
Once it snowed enough 
that Dad made us an igloo
to play in.
I’m the one frowning on the
far left…because it was
cold and I had just recovered 
from an appendectomy and 
this was my first day to get
Dad could make anything.
And this is on one of
many, many family camping
trips.  In the background you
can see where Dad used a marker
and put our family name on 
the tent.
Here he and Mom are making
breakfast and my brother Bryan
is in the background.
I love that he would help with 
the meals when we were camping.
And considering how hard
Dad worked all his life, any 
time he could get a nap
was pretty good.  That’s what 
weekend camp-outs were for, so 
we could get away as a family 
and Dad could rest.
Notice Mom’s up-do.  
Yes, Mom, I knew you would like that.
We didn’t have a lot, but we had plenty. We made a lot of weekend camping trips, but there was one 
trip to California in 1971 to see
Dad’s family.  
This photo was taken on my 
camera by one of my parents
as we stepped into the Pacific 
Ocean for the first time.
Oh, the roads we have traveled since then.
Fast forward to now.
Tomorrow may be Father’s Day,
but I think it should just be Parent’s Day. I have to include Mom in all this because…well, just because.
Dad would not be my Dad 
without my Mom.
And Mom would not be my Mom 
without Dad.
And right now
that is the best thing I know, the best way I know to tell you how blessed I have been to have 
Nat and Marilyn as my parents.
Thanks, Dad and Mom!

5 Replies to “Celebrating Dad – and Mom”

  1. Teresa, thanks again for stopping by!

    Mary Mary…I'm so glad you are enjoying this one. I had a blast finding the photos and scanning them. There are so many more I could include…ahhh, such good memories!
    Thanks for following!

  2. I love all the photo treasures that you're sharing. I LOVE that Grandpa painted your names on your tent. I saw Charlie Roderick in Bismarck today, and he asked about Grandpa. He also told me a story about a time they worked together. Remind me to share it with you when we talk again.

  3. This is so sweet, I have tears in my eyes just reading it. How awesome your parents were and so much fun. I love the names on the tent, the cooking while camping. So many happy memories you have. The camera was the best invention in the world I think, so thankful for it and the stories it can tell. Enjoy your father's day and thanks so much for this loving post.

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