Recently when Mark and I went to Litzenberg Memorial Woods we were able to watch a woman weaving fabric, creating it on a 300 year old loom. It was amazing to watch her and to hear her tell about the loom itself.

It is hard for me to imagine a life of creating everything we need for daily life, things like soap, dish towels, wool to knit into sweaters, raising live stock in order to have meat. On this farm the people were demonstrating to us what that might look like.

This second photo is one of the towels made from the weaving that has been done. I really like the texture of it, the color of the cotton thread and the red decorative lines added in.  All this was on my mind when I woke up today, these images of creating, weaving together different fibers so that something useful can be made. Seems to me there is a metaphor of life in there…the choices we make, the things we say Yes to, the opportunities that come our way…all of it making up the fabric of our own lives.  What type of “fabric” do I want my life to be?

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