Stretching and Growing

After sitting at the computer for a while this morning I looked at the clock and knew I 
needed to get away from the desk and accomplish other things.  Before I realized it
I was stretching, yawning, really loving that extension of all those muscles.
And then I saw this image that I had placed on my desktop.  This little fern seemed to be
stretching right along with me.  Can you see it, too? The little fronds on the sides that 
look like little fists, arms stretching, and oooohhhh that feels so good…
This stayed in my mind all day, along with thoughts of how my life has changed, 
how much stretching has had to happen and is going to happen. Do you find 
that you have had an opportunity to stretch your “muscles” lately? 
In your work, your art, maybe in photography or writing, 
or creating/maintaining your home, your family?  
Are you able to celebrate the changes that have come? 
This little fern leaf is fully extended by now, soaking up the suns rays,
and releasing oxygen into our world. I think we do that, too.
We grow, we reach and move beyond where we were, beyond 
who we were, and we are new creatures. 
We reach for the light and soak it in. 
Then we can’t help but share it with others. 
It radiates from us.
Sending you loving thoughts….

5 Replies to “Stretching and Growing”

  1. such a beautiful shot, it does convey a feel of stretching and growing! and I love how I can see the details and almost feel the texture of the in focus leaf!
    and this shot and your words are so inspiring, I am walking on a path of stretching myself wider, me too.
    thank you Deborah for sharing this beautiful image and thoughts!

  2. Deborah, this is beautiful and so true. I love that you used this picture of the fern to show stretching and reaching for the sun. I too am trying to stretch my artwork this week and stretching myself to be all that I can. Thank you for this gentle reminder that stretching can be a good thing and to embrace it.

  3. Isn't it amazing how good you feel after a good stretch?

    When we stretch ourselves in new ways, mentally or spiritually, I think we experience that same good feeling. Maybe it does not come right away but later when we look back and note how we have grown.

    Thanks, Marina and Dawn for sharing your comments here!

  4. Deborah, I love this post! Your photo is beautiful and your words inspiring. We finally have some sun again, and everyone seems happier and more expansive.

  5. LOVED-LOVED-LOVED your little story about the fern! I feel like that is me, too! Thanks for expressing the story so poetically!

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