We are all vessels

We are all vessels, placed here to receive, 
and then compelled to share the gifts we have been given.
Living water, abundant, nourishing streams of life,
welling up within us waiting to burst forth.
May you have the courage and the wisdom
to share your abundance this day.
Deborah L. Tisch
June 6, 2011

5 Replies to “We are all vessels”

  1. Whew! This is so soft & sweet & gorgeous…you exude this, my friend. You are beautiful.

    Thank you for these touching words today.

  2. I so needed these words this morning!
    I arrived here following your comment on ss and I am so grateful that you have written that comment and linked your site: the day has started a bit uphill and I was trying to let go more and be more open and your words have made me breath more deeply!
    thank you so much, Deborah!

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