Photos that tell a story

Mark and I were enjoying a lovely ride this evening on the bike trail that follows the river here in town when this happened. Fortunately for us it is a beautiful evening, nice spring breeze, sun shining, not a cloud or rain drop in the sky…and we had nice conversation along the way.  

Today was the first day I ever heard a bike tire blow up.  Sounded like a gun shot (okay, maybe a small gun). The front tire on Mark’s bike decided to explode, so we changed our speed and walked the distance. We made it home safe and sound.  We’ve been wanting to start walking anyway…this just moved that plan into first place. 

Isn’t it fun how life throws changes at us? What you think is in the plan may not turn out that way. The path we shoot for ends up not being the path that we take.  

Personally I am not one to say that Divine Providence made that tire blow up when it did, because that is not what I believe.  What I do believe is that we have within us the strength and knowledge and ability to respond to whatever events happen…and that we make choices each day, each moment, about how we are going to be.  

I like the phrase “taking it in stride”. That pretty much defines how we took our little mishap this evening.  The thought that sticks in my mind now is whether I take life “in stride” as easily as we did today. Food for thought…

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  1. I love that you took your little "mishap" so beautifully in stride…so much to be learned from this little example.

    Thank you for sharing, Deb.

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