More of the work in progress…

From my mom’s flower bed, a clematis blossom reaching for the sun.  The images you see at the top of the page here are all from her flowerbeds, too. 

The progress is in the slide show above now holds my own images, and now when I post a photo here it can be this size rather than smaller.  There will be other edits this week, but as obsessed as I become with fixing this I think I should pace myself and take baby steps with it!  Some of you know  exactly what I mean.  And I love it that you do know….it means I’m not the only one.  (smile*)

Summer begins now. Softball games, watering the flowers, chasing the cat who is chasing the chipmunks…  aahhhhhh….

6 Replies to “More of the work in progress…”

  1. Oh, Deb…this flower photo is pure gorgeousness. I love the new look here. And I love that I know just what you mean. It's such a pleasure to know you, my friend.

  2. I could sit and look at your flowers forEVER!! So relaxing….almost as good as a beach house. Wait. Let's plant the flowers at the beach house all us women will need to move into and we will have the perfect home!

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