Road Trip!

This afternoon Mark and I spent a couple hours at a place West of Findlay, Ohio, called the Litzenberg Memorial Woods. If you live anywhere near this place and have not been there please take the time to check it out.  We enjoyed a nice walk in the woods followed by a a tour of the historic farm house.  

There are many more photos from today but this is the one I want to share this evening. My main focus was the fence, and there just happened to be sheep inside that fence.  

Such a lovely pastoral scene that brings to mind some favorite passages about being protected, cared for, held in love and grace. Do you have a favorite image or a favorite writing that gives you that comfort? I’d love it if you would share it by leaving a comment here.  

3 Replies to “Road Trip!”

  1. Such a lovely scene — it looks so peaceful! I always love to go out in the countryside because nature soothes and comforts me.

  2. Beautiful place. I never feel more at peace than I do when I'm back on our family farm. I find inspiration in a lot of things…this time of year I love the old (and current) commencement speeches that get circulated – this is a favorite.

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