Morning Light

I looked out the window before even putting my feet on the floor this morning and the sunlight was touching the tree tops. Then I noticed there was some fog, and ran out with my camera – after hastily getting dressed. The cat ran out with me.

On the boulevard, shining through the trees was the light of the sun, captured in this cloud of light fog, and shadows in the fog created by the trees, beams of beautiful light. We have had so many  gray days of rain that this morning is like a celebration. Oh, how we have longed for this!

The whole world is embracing this morning light, so it seems. I just want to witness it and be in it, be graced by it, touched by it – and so, I am. I am in that light, capturing it with my lens. Suddenly the cat brushes up against my leg. He follows me down the block as I take photos, making it all a game. 

My “Committee” (a.k.a. negative voices) thought of the professional photographers and compared my images to theirs.  And I listened for a moment, thinking that what I create with my lens isn’t good enough.  But I’m happy to announce that the Committee has been dismissed – again – because this is what I see, this is the world through my lens – no one else’s.

In my view finder I see the glorious light of the morning, hopeful, brilliant, warm, bringing a new day and new possibilities.

May your day be filled with light, love, peace, and grace….

11 Replies to “Morning Light”

  1. Deborah, you have captured such a wonderful mood here…the light in your image is so lovely! Hope you day is full of warm sunshine!

  2. LOVE THE PHOTO! From my perspective you ARE a professional photographer. I am in awe of your vision. Keep up the good work! I'm diligently watching! (sounds kinda spooky, doesn't it? 🙂

  3. Peace Mystic, we'll take any sunshine you can send our way. It will be greatly enjoyed and appreciated!

    Teresa, thanks for your comment, and though I'd love to be a pro I'm happy that I can just take photos that we can enjoy! Thanks for keeping an eye on me. 🙂

  4. This is breathtaking and magical. You need to turn off that committee talking to you because they are so very wrong. The way you captured this is perfect and I love that you wrote it's thru your lens. I need to copy that down, good advise. Keep up the good work.

  5. Deb…what you capture with your lens is priceless and way beyond "good" and "bad." What you capture stirs me deep inside. If your committee can't see the beauty, I feel for them.

    Keep capturing, my friend…I love seeing the world through your eyes and lens.

  6. Ditch that committee in your head! This is a gorgeous image. We all have a unique point of view to share with the world. I'm so happy you are sharing yours!

  7. Dawn, Julia, and Kat…
    Thanks to all of you! I once heard the famous Meryl Streep refer to the negative voices in her head as "The Committee" and it immediately stuck with me. I have officially ditched, dismissed, and try very very hard not to listen to them…but you know how that can be… they are tenacious. However, that committee doesn't show up nearly as often as they used to because I won't give them authority like I once did.

  8. Great capture! I don't know who your negative committee is but I think I'd fire them! LOL Love this, your blog, your style of writing. I found you thru the Liberate Art postcard swap. I hope I have found a new photo friend. I will be back.

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