A Heartfelt Thank You to Art

Spring Morning Through Patterned Glass

Thank you, art, for getting my attention.

For peering through my camera lens and showing me the miracles of nature, of life, of the beauty that surrounds me. And for those moments when you whisper in my ear and say,
Just relax and let me guide you.” Oh, thank you for getting my attention, because what happens then is that I share what has come and more lives are touched by you.

Thanks for opening my eyes, letting me see that, yes, there is an artist within me, for showing me the artist in others.  

You helped me see that Art Is Life and that Life Is Art.  How gracious you have been. I pray that you will continue to be, that I will be ever listening, and that you’ll continue to be ever so patient with me. 

Thank you for bringing me to this moment.

Stephey Baker of Marked by the Muse asks some important questions about art on her blog, one that I follow and enjoy immensely. You can read her words here. She invites us to consider how art heals and saves us, challenging us to write a thank you letter to art.

12 Replies to “A Heartfelt Thank You to Art”

  1. Teresa, my back door has decorative glass in it, some of it is what I call textured or wavy. Just outside that back door is a flower bed and the view toward my neighbor's home. I simply took the photo looking through that glass. I love how it turned out! Glad you like it, too. I did crop it to the square format you see here. So, the image itself is not altered except for cropping.

  2. Yahoo! This is a beautiful THank You to Art! Thank you for sharing it and for writing these words:

    "Thanks for opening my eyes, letting me see that, yes, there is an artist within me, for showing me the artist in others."

    So True, Art doesn't just teach us about our selves, it teaches us about others and more importantly it teaches us compassion and love – to be loving to ourselves and others – what a gift!

    I agree with Teresa, gorgeous photo!

    All My Best,

  3. Beautiful post. Art is amazing. I may just need to sit down and join in with a thank you to art myself. Thank you for sharing

  4. What a beautiful post (as were all of the ones while I was on vacation – I'm finally caught up on my reading). Thank you so much for sharing all that you create! Your photos and your words always bring a smile to my heart.

  5. I love this – especially this line: "Thank you, art, for getting my attention."

    That's what art does, isn't it? Makes us stop and pause and look. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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