Information About Cell Phone Pictures

A dear friend just sent me an email about photos taken on cell phones, and I feel it is important to share it here.  Here is her message:

“Friends and Family…

I just viewed this video news report and while I thought I was pretty aware of the risks of taking cell phone pictures and uploading them, I had no idea how seriously risky it is!  Please take a moment to watch this news report and, if you have children or know someone with children, use the information given. With so many of us using SmartPhones and social networking sites to share information these days, we have no idea how instantly we might be putting ourselves or our children in serious danger.  A friend sent this link to me and I had to pass it on.  The video is a well-done ABC Action News report and is only a few minutes.
Thanks – and please be safe when using your SmartPhones and social networking sites!!!”
Please take the time to watch the news video. Check the settings on your cell phone!

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