Happy Monday!

All those April showers are working overtime and have arrived in May, much to my disappointment.  Usually rain does not bother me, but I have to admit it is getting old.  All good things work together, though, and I’m sure that we will have sunny days again soon.  

May is indeed here, an another opportunity to follow some photo prompts in Picture Spring.  It’s amazes me that someone can point you in a direction with your camera just by writing some thoughts down and making you think of how to capture an idea in an image.  The very creative act of simply taking photos on a regular basis is life changing because you become more aware.

Yesterday the idea was to capture an image that shows the beginning of something. In the early morning it began to rain gently. The drops on my azalea and other plants just seem so clean and refreshing.  I thought of the beginning of the day, the beginning of the rain shower, and the new life in this plant.  The colors are actually much more brilliant, but by decreasing the saturation a bit I was able to create an even more beautiful view of these rain kissed flowers.

Today’s prompt was to capture something that reflects a piece of our morning ritual.  I could have photographed my coffee cup, but the shower beckoned to me.  Finally learning to use shutter priority on my camera, I set the shutter speed so that I knew I would catch the drops here.  

Have you ever thought of taking a photo of part of your every day morning routine?  If you are not able to complete even one small part of your morning ritual what becomes of you? 

I realize that each of these images includes water, random droplets of rain, and focused sprays of water in a shower.  Both refreshing, cleansing, bringing something (or someone, in my case) to life.   May your day be blessed love, joy, and peace raining gently upon you.

2 Replies to “Happy Monday!”

  1. I like your water theme — now that we are beginning May, I'm afraid that we won't see rain here in No. California for many months. Wonderful capture of the water in the shower….I'm still learning how to use my DSLR, will have to try to capture a water stream.

  2. I love what you've captured here, Deb…I am always noticing tiny droplets of water on branches & flowers–there is just something about that that I love.

    Sending love to you, my new friend.♥

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