This morning brings to my heart the stirring of spring, of new life, new ideas and nudges, whispers urging me forward.  When I see the light of the sun coming through a leaf it seems there is no more beautiful sight. 
I’m looking forward to a weekend to rest, relax, and enjoy some sunshine. Please do the same for yourself.  Listen to the stirrings in your heart, the whispers or shouts, whatever is calling you.  Let your heart be filled with love.   

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  1. I really resonate with your message, enjoy the sun, perhaps even find the where the sun is within yourself and shine! I feel the most important message Ilife has to offer is practicing listening from within. Nice photo by the way too!
    Have an inspired weekend! All My Best, stephey

    PS Thank you for stopping by this morning and sharing your comment. You touched me with you kind words, thank you for such a priceless gift!

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