What We Hold

There is a wisdom within us that knows, that guides, that we must listen for. And we must trust it. This image, this art, came to me from a recent dream.  

As I created this, the darkness was easy to create. The blackness, the shadows, the shards of wrong, of mistakes, of things that have not been forgiven.  I tried to make that darkness look pretty. But it is not.

Then the white light. I painted it, added the water of life, to let it drip, to pour over my darkness. And I kept trying to keep the darkness ‘dark’. I blotted off the white and added more darkness. Why?

Because it is hard to believe that the darkness can be washed, that the dark in me can be cleansed, too.

So I went back, added more white and living water and allowed it to go deep into my darkness, to reach into and wash over me, dripping, saturating, seeping into all that stuff of life. And the darkness accepts it.

Wisdom says that it is the stuff of life that helps reveal the true self, if we allow it to. And at that edge where we are touched by that light and see all our stuff that we have held onto, we begin to understand that what we hold is what controls us. We can’t hold both fear and love simultaneously.

Embrace love and let go of fear.

5 Replies to “What We Hold”

  1. Wow, Deb…this touched me deeply. I love that you walked us through your process here and shared the wisdom that came from this beautiful creation.

    I'm sending you love today.


  2. I have been following your posts for a while now and they have really touched me, but I felt like I just had to comment on this last one. It has touched me today in a way I cannot explain. Thank you so much for sharing this just when I needed it. God is good.

  3. I also can sense that this is truly a heartfelt post. Exploring the darkness as well as the light is important — yin and yang are parts of the whole. I like your painting very much.

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