Here are some of my photos taken for Week 9 of Picture Inspiration.
We were challenged to be in “observation mode”, keep the camera handy,
and capture what we could in photos.
The sun really did come out Saturday and the sky was blue again. 
Thought you might like to remember that….
The daffodils all are facing West, reaching for the evening sun,
and beginning to show signs of fading.
Mark and Yeller enjoyed a moment of their own observation
on Saturday afternoon…
At least until Yeller heard a click.
Today the Ohio Monsoon Season continues.
I wonder if we will every dry out again?
There were so many other moments when I noticed beauty all around.
On Sunday it was on the faces of little girls and boys dressed up for 
Easter.  It was in the expressions of love and thanks among 
families who were gathering for a holiday, spending precious time together.
Beauty was in the bountiful feast we were able to share with dear
friends around our own table here at home. 
And while I had my camera with me in all these occasions, I have found
that sometimes I just need to let the moment be special and remember it
in my heart, cherish it, and honor it.
I hope your weekend was filled with joy and love!

2 Replies to “Observations”

  1. Deb. I love coming here. What a treat it is to experience a bit of your world with you. It feels quiet & peaceful here, like I just want to stay and hang out a while.

    Thank you for sharing. I'm walking away feeling a little quieter inside.

    With love,


  2. Come and hang out any time! Wish it were possible to do that in person, but I'm grateful that we have the technology to do this and share our deepest thoughts and inspirations.

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