Liberate Your Art

Remember when we all used to write letters on paper, and send postcards to friends and family?  Before email, texting, tweeting, electronic chirping in any form… we bought the stamps, enjoyed new stationery and just kept in touch with hand written words.  I miss those days, and have wanted to do something about it and bring it back into my life.  Now I have even more incentive, and I hope you will join me in this effort, too.

Kat Sloma invites us to join her in a post card swap this summer.  You can read all about this on her website by clicking here, in her post “Liberate Your Art Post Card Swap”.  I plan to participate and invite you to do the same.  

Enjoy this image of tulips! Someone in my office received these as a gift, and my camera could not resist….

4 Replies to “Liberate Your Art”

  1. Oh, those flowers are lovely! And so are your words. I completely identify with them. I used to be a big letter writer, and it's all gone by the wayside. Thanks so much for joining in with the swap, and for sharing about it here!

  2. Your image is just lovely! I love the colors. Kat's postcard exchange sounds like lots of fun — I signed up and will be thinking about what to print on my cards.

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