Thank A Teacher

These photos are from a very special luncheon today with my friend, a teacher at Heritage Elementary School.  The occasion was a lunch for volunteers, a way for the staff to say thanks and share a meal with us.

I have been blessed to be able to assist Mrs. Dixon and Mr. Dorsey with some of their students… although this year I would have liked to help more than I did.  (Between being present at the birth of our grandson, and all the snow days and schedule conflicts, my hours of helping have been reduced compared to previous years.)

Actually, I think the luncheon needs to be given for the teachers themselves. Volunteering at the school has opened my eyes to the very hard work involved in educating our young people.  If you have any opportunity to help an educator, to offer your support and encouragement, or to volunteer to help the students, please do so.  

I took the opportunity to take a few photos of Gayle’s classroom because it always makes me feel happy to be there. She is a proud owner of Vera Bradley hand bags. As I look at the images from her room I can ‘see’ the vivid colors of one of those handbags throughout the room!  Can’t you? And there is something about that pink lamp on her desk that adds to the ambiance – I just love it!

Once upon a time (a long time ago….) I had a Fourth Grade Teacher, among all the others, who helped me learn, helped me see the world around me.  Where would any of us be if were not for a teacher, for many people who have guided and nurtured us? 

Maybe this makes you think of a school teacher, or a parent who helped with endless hours of homework, or  a coach, a mentor…so many people who step into our lives at that time when we are ready to learn.  Look them up and tell them thank you.

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