Finding Beauty in the Random

Call it “shifting into creative observation, ” as Tracey Clark mentioned this week in Picture Inspiration. Sometimes we see images that stir our imagination, or say something special just to us, or simply make us laugh.  Tracey has invited us to keep the cameras on hand and be ready to capture the images that are totally random.  Here is what I have seen so far:

This bee greeted me 
as I opened 
the window on 
Thursday to let in 
the fresh, warm air.

On a walk with Mark 
yesterday we 
found hyacinths 
blooming inside
a hedge.

hidden hyacinths in a hedge….
(Say it 3 times quickly.)

Early this morning 
after a rain
I stepped out with 
my camera and 
was surprised by
this reflection 
of the street light in 
the wet pavement.

Mark called me 
after an evening
meeting the other day, 
telling me
to grab the camera 
and look outside.
This is just one of 
the images 
from the sunset 
that was happening.

May you find beauty in the random moments in your life, whether in nature, in the eyes of your loved ones, in the antics of a pet, or just in the daily grind of life.  Simply take time, and notice.

3 Replies to “Finding Beauty in the Random”

  1. It's like the bee is popping in to say hello! So fun to see snippets of your day. I am inspired to go out and capture some from mine. Thank you.

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