Surprise Reflections

Sometimes a reflection takes you by surprise, appearing in an unexpected place, showing an image back to you in a different perspective, making you stop and take notice.  For the last several days in Picture Inspiration we have been challenged to capture those images with our cameras, to look for such surprises, and then to photograph them in such a way that you don’t see the actual object being reflected.  This was no easy task, but fun nevertheless, and eye opening.  Here are the images that have caught my eye.

Flowers reflected in the side of our car,
looking much like an impressionist painting.
Dried plants in flowerpots, reflected in a dirty window.
Sky colors and a building reflected in the water fountain
at St. Rita’s Hospital.  I love the intense blue, and the light
in the water falling over the edge.
What is being reflected back to you on this spring day? Is it an image, or a thought, or an action? Do you like what you see? How does it move you?  
Wishing you grace and peace…..

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