Other Evidence of Spring

Seeing bursts of color even on a cloudy evening.
 Watching kids fly kites, and seeing this one caught in a tree.
If you look close you can see the line of string up there, too.
 Seeing the tiny flowers coming up in the woods.
And getting to sit on the porch steps with my hubby. 
You don’t want to know how many pics were taken to get this one.
But I digress…
What other signs of spring can you think of?


2 Replies to “Other Evidence of Spring”

  1. Oh, the signs are all around and I'm loving every one of them…trillium, flowering trees, open windows, tiny buds, warmer temps, longer days, daffodils, blooming rhododendrons…

    I love your photos, Deb–especially loving the one of you & your guy.

    Sending love your way.

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