One Little Action

In January I wrote here that I am intentionally inviting into my life such things as quiet confidence, an open heart, deeper listening, daily gratitude, self kindness, abundant living, and simplicity.  During the month of March we were encouraged to commit to doing one little thing related to the One Little Word we chose for 2011. Self kindness became that one little thing for me to practice.

I find that we have to work hard at this every day. Each and every day of our lives. Because it is so easy to let our own needs go by the wayside, to allow others needs to come first (to a fault), to think we will be considered selfish if we just do something for our own personal edification or care.  Then the question becomes how can we show kindness to others when we don’t practice it on ourselves?

I’ve been able to notice this need in myself and take some positive steps to address it. That in itself is the Gift from this One Little Word that has entered my life.  

I invite you to think about what you are doing to be kind to yourself, 
or to start doing even one little thing, 
taking one little action this week that shows kindness to you. 


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