Fence – Heritage Park

Crossing borders.
Leaving this town, going through another.
Following the route through the country, the farm land, knowing this road connects to that and then to that, and on and on.
Leaving one county and entering another. 
Leaving this state and entering the next. 
Watching the angle of the sun as it travels the sky,
hearing one song after another on the radio
as I pass this tree, and then another, this fence, that barn.

Countless borders crossed and left behind, 
imaginary lines made by man as he marks his territory and sets limits.
But no border, no line, no boundary
can keep me back.

At the end of the journey I cross one more line
from street to driveway, to a final stop.
Having arrived I cross the threshold
and am embraced,
all physical boundaries behind,
now present, now home, now with those I love.

Time races by and this reverie comes to a close.
The dog whines and breaks my heart, he knows we
are leaving.
Stuff is gathered, thank-you’s given, photos taken,
and the words good-bye go out from our lips.
Then we cross the threshold
beginning the journey back.

Back across the lines, boundaries, borders, highways,
country roads through fields.
Seeing the sun and clouds that share 
the same sky above the same part of the planet.
Thinking of what brought us together,
what holds us together….

That which transcends all lines, borders, boundaries,
That which dwells in our hearts and gives us breath,
Boundless love.
Love that can not be contained.

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