Sunset and Snow

I was sitting inside, reading a book
this evening. I had just read that in order
for spring to come we have to
let go of fall.
The light changed in the room, and I looked up.
This sunset was happening. Camera in hand,
I walked outside.

I watched for a few minutes and captured several
breathtaking images of this fire in the sky.
Everything was suddenly bathed in
such lovely light. 
Even the daffodils, covered in snow, yet splendid
in this moment. The synchronicity of it all came to me, that I
needed to be in that chair at that time, reading exactly that passage.
Prior to this I would have written how depressing it is
to see snow on daffodils, but not now, not after witnessing this.

I needed to see that all of this is perfect, all of it is as it should be.
How blessed I am to be witness to it,
and to be able to share it with you here.

Have you had moments like this? I’d love for you to
share them here.


2 Replies to “Sunset and Snow”

  1. Oh my gosh, Deb…these images and your words took my breath away for a minute. The synchronicity, the light, the perfection & preciousness of that moment, you there witnessing it all…

    I need to just let this all sink in. So so beautiful.

    Thank you.

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