Photos Around Lima, Ohio

Buildings in Downtown Lima

On Sunday afternoon I was able to walk around downtown Lima just to take photos. Mark and I enjoy looking at buildings and houses, noting special architectural features.  This was also a time to learn about bracketing, using the camera to take several versions of the same photo but with different exposures.  Click here to view the photos in an online album in Picasa.

Barn Roof, Allen Co. Farm Park

We enjoyed a walk around the Allen County Farm Park Sunday afternoon, too.  Click here to go to the online album for these photos.

It is so common for us to just take photos of family events, but I want to encourage you to just take your camera, no matter what kind or how big or fancy – even your camera on your phone, and just take photos of places or things that are in your life. Take a walk, get out and enjoy the warmer air and enjoy the beauty all around you.  

Not only is the exercise good, the whole experience of capturing the moment, the common scenes of your life, will be entertaining.  


2 Replies to “Photos Around Lima, Ohio”

  1. I love looking at buildings and houses too. I love the lines and patterns and angles and colors.

    The reflection in the glass? building is so fun to see!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I like the reflection in the glass building, too, because it looks like the red brick building is much longer than it truly is.

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