Grandson photos

Chubby legs and cute toes!

It is time to show off the grandson, and these photos will take care of that. Naturally I think he is the most beautiful boy in the world – because he’s our grandson.  

Recently I ordered a book from that includes many photos from these first few months of his life.  I will be sending it to my Dad, who usually does not see the photos that are posted online. No doubt he will enjoy it immensely.

After I ordered the book, Shutterfly gave me the option of linking to it here.  Click here to view the photo book of Garrett. 

Many of the photos are taken by my daughter and some are from my camera, too.  It’s not all the photos we have…and we have Many…but due to the handsome subject you can be assured that they are all wonderful.  

Of course, that is my totally unbiased opinion on the subject…..  

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