Detail of mask created at Arti-Gras 2011.

and connecting
from my dreams.
I am conscious
and I am unconscious.
I have an outer life
and I have an inner life.
And they combine.
It’s all part of me.
From those depths
of the unconscious
pour out
the creativity, the beauty.
I must listen.
I must be open
and aware,
for to close 
my eyes and ears to that mystery
is to die, to stagnate.
But I am here
ready to fly, to soar.
Emerging, opening, and allowing.
So much energy in
what I express and how I say it. 
Power in words.
Learning to live with this awareness, 
this beautiful knowledge
that life is
more than I can ever say.

– Deborah L. Tisch, 2/26/11

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