Self Portraits Are Difficult

well behaved…

A challenge this week in Picture Inspiration is to create a self portrait; take the camera and point it at yourself and take your photo. Easier said than done.  

Technically you really have to think about it, where to sit or stand, whether to use a tripod or sit the camera on a table, and then how you are going to snap the shutter. You can’t just take one. Take several so you can choose the best of the batch. 

This is not for the faint hearted. You must be strong, you must be brave, and you must be able to accept yourself as you are seen in that lens.

not so well behaved…

Over fifty photos later, after much deleting, much waffling back and forth, much criticism of my own looks – gray hair, wrinkles, spots, thick unruly hair, just don’t like what I see – I finally chose two images.  

This first one is shy, well behaved Deborah. You may recognize her if you know me personally.  

This second one is not so well behaved Deborah. Probably the true Me.

Here are the words I shared in the online class as I posted these:

“Maybe you know the feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability that come when you decide to show a picture of You in Real Life. An Avatar is so easy to fall back on because then you don’t really see me; even a self photo as I hide behind a camera is easy because you don’t see all of my face. I guess what helped get me past the real trepidation of sharing this shot with all of you is that it’s time for me to just be who I am, sassy attitude and all, and just put it all out there. The woman looking back at me here is someone I want to get to know better.”

Maybe the subject of this post is not that Self Portraits Are Difficult, but that getting to know our selves, learning to love ourselves, is our most challenging task.  

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