Lunch and Inspiration

Part of my week day routine is to have lunch with my husband, and we’ve done this so much in our life together that I really miss it when we are not able to.  We share good conversations, sometimes silly, often about serious stuff, but always good in some way. 

While waiting for our lunch to arrive today I simply started shooting photos with my LG phone. And for my local friends, in case you are wondering, we were at Lulu’s. (Good eats, by the way.) The colors on the wall, the seating, the lights, and the natural light coming through the window, the two strangers eating by themselves, all came together for this candid shot. I’m surprised at how well it came out, and now I’m on a mission to take more pics with my phone. 

Sometimes inspiration comes to me easily, as in the opportunity to take the photo at Lulu’s. I’m finding that having a camera always in my possession is connected to those little moments. But when I was recently asked about what inspires me I had to stop and think.  

What really breathes new life into me? 

So far I have come up with a few things, but I’m certain this list is going to grow:

  • Nature: Seeing the beauty of each season, in the details and in the broad vistas, learning that God Is by viewing creation, watching it evolve….coming to understand just how precious it all is.
  • Family: Being with my family, especially my own children because it is so rare that I can be with them. Seeing them and loving them for the wonderful people they are. Still being amazed that I carried them, gave birth to them, and watched them grow.
  • Mark: My husband inspires me as he gives me an example of how to be a better person. Then there is the sparkle in his eyes, his sense of humor (he lives with me, after all), his friendship and companionship. 
  • Words: well written books, words that come from the heart, words that surprise me in their depth and wisdom. I’m inspired that others have the courage to put their words out there or on paper. And I’m amazed at how a word can teach you so much when you make it your word for a year.  
  • Light: how it shines through the leaves, how it looks in the morning and the evening, how it reflects, how it warms and sparkles. And the challenge to catch that light in a photo.
  • Photography: because of how it records what we all see, how we see it and when, unique and interesting, thought provoking, moving me deep down inside.
What is your inspiration? Perhaps you can think about what inspires you and share it here, or go take a photo of what breathes new life into you. 

2 Replies to “Lunch and Inspiration”

  1. You have inspired me with this post, Deborah. I am also so inspired by nature and all she has to show us. Just by watching a bird fly, flower open, lightning strike down, I am in awe at the perfection and beauty all around.
    Thank you for sharing this today.

  2. Alia,

    You humble my by your comments, thank you! Isn't it amazing how we are all inspired in different ways, and yet there are so many inspirations we have in common? What would our world be like if we all sought what we have in common rather than what is different? I'm so glad to have this space to share these thoughts with you and others.

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