A Little of This and That

The sun shining across a piece of farm land just does something to me, and then when it is near the end of the day and that light shines through some trees I feel like I’m seeing some of the most beautiful stuff on this earth. I share this with you here because I hope maybe the beauty of that moment can bring some light into your life, too.  

I want to share with you some of what I’ve been reading and enjoying online lately, ’cause maybe you can find more good stuff there, as well.

There is some great poetry and stuff here.  

And for a simply beautiful Valentine photo click here. For even more wonderful, inspirational photos I love to what Bridget has to post.

This post about vulnerability and courage really speaks to my heart. 

There are some really neat little sculptures available from ArtMind here, along with some great tutorials for making stuff. 

More good photos, actually a new one for each day here. And to learn more about digital photography I have been checking out the articles on this site.

I have read this book by Kelly Rae Roberts and been inspired.  And there are some great creative ideas on this blog.


5 Replies to “A Little of This and That”

  1. I have the same feelings about the light at the end of the day. There is something so stunning about it. It makes me stop and reflect. And when it comes through the trees like you have captured here…breathtaking.

    I feel honored to be mentioned here. Thank you so much!

  2. Jennifer,
    Thank you for your kind remarks! I always enjoy your posts, especially your poetry. I hope that my other "blog" friends will check out your writing and be blessed as I have been. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

  3. Dear Deb,

    This photo is absolutely gorgeous–so full of light and calm. Thank you for sharing.

    And thank you for linking to me & for stopping by my blog & leaving your sweet words. It means so much.

    Your space here is beautiful.

    Sending you love today,


  4. Imagine my pleasant surprise to follow one of your links to Picturing the Year! I am totally honored to have you feature my photos along with those of Bridget and Barbara and Jennifer…et al Thank you!

    I love this sunshiney photo too:)

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