Just Start

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Just do it, pick up that pen and start writing. Put some paint on that brush and make a dot, as Marlene would say.  She makes it sound so easy.

But there is something to it.  I don’t know what happens, but once that paint is on the surface, once that pen begins to write, the ideas flow.  They start from somewhere deep within and bubble to the surface, and next thing you know – you have created your own work of art.

We shared another beautiful Saturday afternoon at my kitchen table, learning together, allowing the inner artist to come out.  How fun it is to share, to play with paint, or to collage as we did before! We give ourselves permission to play.  

Click here to view all the photos from our time together.

What have you done lately to get in touch with your own inner artist? I’d love to have you share your ideas by posting here.  

5 Replies to “Just Start”

  1. I should probably have these two words posted on the walls in my house…I am such a terrible procrastinator about everything…including the things I love! I do find that once I actually do get started on a project I am thrilled and relieved:) Beautiful post!

    Thanks for visiting over at Arcadia:)

  2. I just love that you get together to create. It is so true what can happen once you start. The hardest part is starting. I pulled out my paints on saturday and began….it felt so good to have paint all over my hands.

    Keep coming together and creating. It is inspiring.

  3. Oliag and Jennifer, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Jennifer I really understand that part about the paint on your hands! So fun!

  4. This looks like fun and I need to just start on my art work too. I find excuses every day not to start but hope seeing your fun pictures will inspire me to get the paints out this week and just play. The paintings came out great by the way, thanks for sharing them.

  5. Thanks, Dawn! We really did have a great time. I highly recommend gathering friends around the kitchen table and get out the paint. The creativity and the conversation are so much fun! Throw in some good hot tea and I'm ready to go. Thanks for visiting here. 🙂

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