Ice and Light In My Backyard

Isn’t this sunshine today a refreshing change?  

It drew me outside this morning.
I wanted to see how it reflected on everything, 
especially since there is some ice and frost 
hanging around. 
I was not disappointed.

This is a collage of the best photos from my foray into my own backyard this morning.
Frost on little berries on a bush, on a golden leaf, on fallen oak leaves…
And ice on the garage, as well as on the side of one of the oak trees.
Can you see how it sparkles?

Yeller was waiting just inside the back door, meowing. No, too cold for him to want to come out, just wanting me to come back in.  See his paw print on the top of the photo? He had touched the glass and left his imprint on the steam on the inside of the glass.  

There are days when it is easy to see beauty around us, and other days when it is a real struggle. Days when we can see the beauty within us and days when we just feel less than beautiful, struggling to even carry on our lives. It has been said that we need those “less than beautiful” days to appreciate the spectacular ones. 

Wherever you are in your day, cloudy or filled with sun, try to look for the beauty around you and within you. Share your thoughts with a friend, maybe even post them here. What are you seeing today that is beautiful, that you want to share with the world?                                      —- Deb

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