Seeing the Light

The view outside our window this morning is not near as bad as I had expected it to be. We are still in the grips of this winter storm, and it is mostly just very windy right now (at 7:50am EST).

Once upon a time is was not the norm for cities and towns to have the street lights that we have now. I can remember as a young girl when we would drive home, through farm land, to our little village we lived in.  Unless you had your own utility light on the side of a barn or garage there were no lights to illuminate the streets or surrounding areas.  Then street lights became the thing to have, and suddenly I noticed that I could see the lights of our little village as we approached it. 

Today, unless you have a massive power failure, the reflection of all those street lights give an eerie glow to the night sky. This morning between 6:30 and 7:00am the sky had that glow. The wind woke me up, along with the sound of someone chopping through ice and snow and a dog whining to be let inside.  I took advantage of the opportunity and captured these images looking out my kitchen and living room windows.

The streak of bright white light in these photos is actually lights on cars that drove by, brave souls needing to get out to go to work or run errands. Using a tripod and shutter priority setting I was able to catch this light. The shutter was open for 10 seconds, making it appear in the photo that it was brighter than it really was. 

And that is the view out my window this morning, Ground Hog Day! A smart ground hog will stay inside.

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