One Little Word Revisited

Choosing a word to dwell on for a year is quite a different experience from making resolutions. The word “gift” is not on my mind all the time, and some days maybe I don’t even think of it. But then it resurfaces, making me think about what gift is, what it means, how it looks, how it is given and received, etc. 

Today I’m wondering about words that are the opposite of gift. Perhaps if I understand more of what gift is not, then I can learn more about what this word has to teach me. 

As I write this I can hear rain, sleet, snow, and wind outside the window and hitting the roof of our house.  Hard as it may be to see this winter storm as a gift…since we are right in the middle of it…it is bringing to mind how very very fortunate we are to have a warm home, food on the table, vehicles to transport us, and employment.  All material, physical things, but blessings often taken for granted. 

Picture Winter is over, I’m in withdrawal…as are many of the women I met in the class online. Some of us have formed a group in Facebook and are still at it, taking photos and sharing them, letting our views of Life – different as they may be – tell our stories. 

“Gift” is influencing my life story. You’ll hear more as the days go by. 

Be safe, be warm!


4 Replies to “One Little Word Revisited”

  1. hi, deborah!

    i just wanted to stop and say…

    "just wanted to stop and say hello… i'm going through all the profiles of those who commented on my picture winter photos, and looking to see if they have blogs or flickr accounts {and if not, then sending an e-mail}… so that i can A) say thank you for the comments and feedback you gave me, and B) let them know i would love to stay in touch… especially to those who expressed interest in keeping up to date on what is happening with my pregnancy. since i can not remember all who asked, i thought i would just go through each profile and send a message. =)

    i'll be updating my blog periodically with baby news… just in case you are interested:

    thanks again for all your comments on p.w.! it was an inspiration to meet you and see your work! i hope to see more of it even though the class is over."

    i sent this to everyone who was kind enough to stop by my photos and comment throughout p.w.

    and you were one of those people! so glad to have met you. i'm in the facebook group, too! i hope to see you around often. and now that i follow your blog, i will hopefully stay updated on your photography and words. i wish you all the best!


  2. Deb – what a wonderful post. My word for the year is create – I'm amazed at how much it is touching me this year. Your photos are beautiful. I hope you stay safe in this nasty weather.

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