Hands of Friendship

Sometimes I witness some really beautiful moments, and sometimes I even have a camera poised and ready. Sunday was one of those times. 

A dear friend of my husband is retired now and we attended a celebration of this occasion. The surprise for Mark, I think, was about how many people he was able to see again after being away for many years. It was a homecoming for him, and a wonderful, uplifting experience.

This snapshot is of Mark greeting one of those friends. It’s also a story of how Mark is, how he loves people, how he touches so many lives.  

And in the background the blurred images are of children running through the crowd…which I think tells even more of the story here.  This was a reunion, a celebration of a man’s life, of his work, of his family, of the people that have connected – and stayed connected – because of him.

This beautiful moment… hands being clasped for a brief moment, telling a profound story of friendship.

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