A Different Part of the Story

Bubble wrap. I never thought I would use it in a photo, let alone stare at it myself to do a self portrait. This was not my intention as I began today. But the nudge came upon me again and it had other things in mind.

This became a lesson in how we protect ourselves, package ourselves so that the world out there sees us only on our terms.  We try to show ourselves to others in ways that we think we need to be, behaving how we think others want us to.  We isolate our real feelings and thoughts, keeping them hidden, protecting that soft underbelly …and we wonder why we are miserable.  There is that fear that “The Committee” might  disapprove and speak up louder in our minds.

Perhaps the greatest display of courage is shown when we are just being ourselves. Standing in life with what we have within us, no pretense, no anxiety over what The Committee thinks. Standing tall, chin up. Smiling from deep within where the love resides and shines. 

There is a reason this blog is called Learning As I Go. Each day brings me more to see and understand.  I learn from your comments shared here and those sent privately. And in reality it’s helping me remove all that packaging.  


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